what is feng shui beauty?
Feng Shui is not about magic, superstition or religion. It's about ENERGY and how it affects everything in our lives.  Energy (chi) flows in, around and through our bodies every minute of every day. Everything in the world according to Feng Shui belongs to one of the five elements or energies, being fire, earth, metal, water and wood.
Simply put, Feng Shui Beauty means The Elements of Beauty.  Feng Shui Beauty is understanding and enhancing your energy through the five elements. Billy Yamaguchi pioneered the concept of applying the principles of these elements to your hair, makeup and personal lifestyle.
“Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.  If you change your thinking, you change your life.”
The First Step: taking a test to assess which of the five elements best describes you and your lifestyle.  Which elements are you?  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water or Wood? Be In Your Element  •  Take the Yamaguchi Feng Shui Beauty Test